2) Bites en cycling

Old older oldest. cycling through Twente is getting acquainted with old, atmospheric towns. The road leads through medieval streets, past monumental buildings, ancient mills and mighty castles. But natural history is also richly represented: a green-rich pine landscape awaits you.

Culinary enjoyment.

What does a day of bites and cycling look like?

1) Welcome with coffee and cake (10.30 - 11.30)
2) Cycling to the starter (meat, fish or vegetarian).
3) On to a tasty soup.
4) The moment suprême: a delicious main course (meat, fish or vegetarian).
5) Last stop: the dessert

For only € 39.95 you get a five-course dinner and a bike ride.
A full day program, so that only the drinks are not included.
For reservations and more information, visit: www.happenentrappen.nl

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