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For a good meal with friends or a romantic candlelight dinner for two, our restaurant is the place to be. See for yourself, take a look at our menu. Our restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine. We prepare delicious dishes, tasty and affordable.

A preview of our culinary delights...


French bread with herb butter € 4,75
Carpaccio of beef served with basil pesto, roasted pine nuts and
Parmesan cheese
Combination starter: smoked salmon, homemade croquette of prawns
and a mustard soup
In herb butter fried mussels gratinated with cheese €11,50
Salad with goat cheese and burned cane sugar€11,50


Onion soup €6,50
Creamy mustard soup with stripes of smoked salmon €6,50
Pomodori tomato soup with meatballs€6,50
Delicious fish soup served with prawns (5 pieces) €10,50

Pasta dishes

Pappardelle (egg pasta) with tomato sauce and meatballs €15,75
Pappardelle with bacon, onion and cream sauce €15,75
Pappardelle with stripes of smoked salmon and cream sauce €16,75

All pasta dishes are served with Parmesan cheese and salad

Main courses

Corn chicken filet supreme with a ginger sauce €20,50
Pork filet with a pepper sauce €20,50
Ribeye of veal with Béarnaise sauce €22,50
Candied peel with fried thymus and a rosemary gravy €23,50
Ossobuco, gently cooked shank veal €21,50
Leg of lamb with a honey thyme sauce €22,50
Tournedos with a port wine sauce €29,50
Wishbone steak, served with French fries and salad** €29,75
Gratinated salmon filet with herbs and a Hollandaise sauce €21,50
Cod filet with a lobster sauce €22,50
Vegetarian main course, in consultation with the kitchen staff €19,75
Our Classics
Liver of veal with onion, mushrooms and smoked bacon €21,50
Eel with a sauce of herbs €22,50
Dover sole, served with French fries and salad** €22,50
With picasso topping of fried fruit and ginger, surcharge €2,75
All main dishes are served with fried potatoes and vegetable garnish
with the exception of **
Do yo have an allergy or any other diet restrictions? Please inform us upfront. We will adjust our dishes accordingly.

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Excellent hotel for me as a business guest. "Carefree fun at the table."

Business guest

"I really enjoy the excellent cuisine, the service and the friendly people around."

Family from Limburg