Take a break, have an energizing lunch at our restaurant

Enjoy a delicious lunch

Restaurant Hof van Twente is the place to be for a delicious lunch. Take a seat on our lovely terrace or enjoy our sunny conservatory. Lunch at our restaurant is surprising, affordable and tasty. Experience it and treat yourself, your husband or wife, colleagues or friends to lunch in Hengevelde.

Have a look at our menu below, we hope to see you soon!

Soup of the day€ 6,25
Creamy mustard soup with smoked salmon€ 6,50
Fish soup with prawns€ 9,75
Game broth with mushrooms€ 6,50
Creamy soup of wild mushrooms€ 6,50
Pumpkin soup with smoked chicken€ 6,50
Small dishes
Lunch plate: soup, 3 slices of bread with meat and croquette€ 9,75
Toast ham and cheese€ 4,25
Chefs toast: ham, cheese, tomato, bacon and egg€ 6,75
Toast with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs € 10,50
French breadroll (dark) with cheese or ham€ 7,00
French breadroll (dark) with cumin cheese€ 7,00
French breadroll (dark) with roast beef€ 7,75
French breadroll (dark)with ham, cheese, egg, tomato and salad€ 8,25
French breadroll (dark) with smoked salmon€ 10,25
Two meat croquettes with bread€ 6,75
Home made meat ball with bread and mustard€ 7,50
Chicken saté with bread or French fries€ 9,75
Carpaccio of beef with basil pesto€ 11,50
Main course salad with smoked salmon€ 11,00
Main course salad with smoked chicken€ 10,00
Egg dishes
All dishes are served with brown or white bread
Three eggs with ham or bacon€ 7,50
Three eggs with cheese€ 7,50
Three eggs with ham and cheese€ 8,50
Three eggs with roast beef€ 8,50
Omelette with sautéed mushrooms or cheese€ 7,50
Omelette with sautéed mushrooms and cheese€ 8,50
Omelette with bacon, potatoes and vegetables€ 9,25
served with French fries and salad
Schnitzel with sauce zingara€ 15,00
Salmon€ 15,50
Wishbone steak € 30,50
Sautéed potatoes instead of French fries€ 1,00
Pancake plain€ 6,50
Pancake with apple€ 7,75
Pancake with bacon€ 7,75
Pancake 'Hof van Twente': bacon, mushrooms, sautéed egg and cheese€10,25
Lunch menu until 17.00 hours

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Excellent hotel for me as a business guest. "Carefree fun at the table."

Business guest

"I really enjoy the excellent cuisine, the service and the friendly people around."

Family from Limburg