Of course you would like to enjoy a healthy and tasty meal daily, but maybe you just don't find the time to prepare it. Why not ordering it? Save yourself time and treat yourself by ordering your favourite dish from our take away menu. Place your order before 11.00 a.m. by phone and we'll make sure it's ready for pick up at the requested time. Orders placed after 11:00 hours might take some more time to prepare, we'll let you know upon your request.

Take away sandwiches (can be ordered throughout the day)
French breadWhite roll
Young cheese, lettuce and garniture€ 4.50€ 3.75
Ham, lettuce and garniture€ 4.50€ 3.75
Old cheese, lettuce and garniture€ 5.25€ 4.50
Roast beef, lettuce and garniture€ 4.85€ 4.00
Cheese, ham, fresh lettuce, vegetables and egg€ 5.75
Carpaccio, pesto, fresh lettuce, parmesan cheese and pine nuts€ 7.25
Smoked salmon, lettuce and garniture€ 7.25
Croquette € 2.75
Lunch for 2 persons:
1 roll with a croquette, 1 roll with ham and 1 roll with cheese (p.p.) 1 carton of milk or buttermilk per 3 persons
€10.25 p.p.

Take away menu (can be ordered until 20:00 hours)
Schnitzel Bonne Femme, our classic with bacon, onion and mushrooms€ 13,50
Schnitzel with fried mushrooms, bacon and onion€ 13,50
Schnitzel with mushroom sauce or singara sauce€ 13,50
Pork fillet with mushroom sauce € 15,25
Salmon fillet with Hollandaise sauce€ 15,25
Entrecôte with herb butter€ 17,25
Wish-Bone steak with herb butter€ 20,50

All dishes are served with fried potatoes, salad and vegetables.
In case you prefer french fries instead of potatoes, no problem, just let us know upon ordering.

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